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The bunny's alive! The Easter eggs are back!

Yes, it was just like Easter in October last night on Lost, what with all the bunny killing at the hands of Evil Benry, the subsequent rabbit resurrection and the return of the those fun little hidden clues (aka Easter eggs) that keep us glued to the screen—and our DVR freeze buttons. 

On the off chance you missed any of the delicious secret goodies from this season's fourth episode, allow me to break 'em down for ya...

The Numbers Are Back! Sawyer's prisoner number was 8-4-0. The money was in storage unit 23C. And the rabbit appeared to have the number 8 on his side. 

Kate and Sawyer Have a Connection: Chemistry aside, we found out last night that these two also may have a mind-blowing monetary link: Sawyer put money in a bank in New Mexico for his daughter. Kate once robbed a bank in New Mexico. Coinky-dink? I think not!

Desmond Can See the Future: How else would you explain him knowing what Locke would say last week and forecasting precisely when the thunderstorm would strike?  

Locke Can See the Future: How else would you explain that in his vision/dream last week, Locke heard Sawyer saying, "Wipe the stars from your eyes, little lady," a line Sawyer said for real in this episode?

It's All About Bunnies! Just to add to the bunny-ness of the episode, let's not forget that in season one, Sawyer was reading Watership Down and said, "It's about bunnies." Well, one of the major issues in Watership Down is that they don't have enough females, so they have to go out and kidnap some. Which is interesting, given that two females have now been abducted (Claire and Kate), Claire got a big ol' needle in her belly and there's a fertility doc on hand. 

Crazy Theory for the Day: Could Desmond be a daddy? His psychic rescue of Aaron was the second time he has shown interest in Claire's son, and if he'd had one of his own with Penny and abandoned them, it could explain why Penny's father called him a coward. And more important, do they really think a Desmond-Claire-Charlie love triangle (which seems to be where things are heading) is a fair fight?  Discuss in the comments below.

Next Week: The Sleestaks are coming! At least, that was my first impression upon seeing that crazy, patch-eyed being popping into the screen in the promo for next week's ep. Truth is, it's someone we haven't met. Also—spoiler alert—you may have heard by now there's a big death next week and some general consensus on who it's gonna be. And let me just say, they better leggo my…beloved favorite. Or I might not have the strength to write about Lost  next week.

Final Note: Thanks to all who "watched" this episode with me through our new Actually Watch with Kristin feature. I had a blast! There's now a poll in the message boards to pick next week's show, so be sure to weigh in. You can read the transcripts from last night's live chat right here. And don't forget to read Dr. Anna Graham's recap!
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