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It's not every day you get answers to life's big questions—like whether someone's getting pregnant on Desperate Housewives or killed off of Weeds—but today is such a day, my friends!

After revealing some jaw-dropping upcoming storylines in our latest edition of Tease-o-Rama (the spoiler game in which you guess which are true or false), I am ready to reveal to you the correct spoilers in all their glory.

(Psst…I think you'll be happy. 'Cause the ones you begged and pleaded to be false in the comments section aren't so much of the legitimate kind.)

So, if you want to know the answers, which means you will be spoiled on what's coming up on some of your favorite shows, well, keep reading...


1. Weeds: Nancy loses two loved ones—one leaves the country; the other one dies. Survey says: True. And I should also warn you: The last five minutes of Monday's season finale are so good you just might die watching it.
2. Grey's Anatomy: George's father's life will be in Burke's hands. True. And you know with his tremors, Burke is none too pleased about that. 
3. Heroes: Claire's friend is in danger. True. There is much more to that painting of her running up the steps than you think.
4. Gilmore Girls: Logan leaves Rory for another woman. False. You can breathe.
5. Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck dies—and is cloned. False. Again with the breathing.
6. Prison Break: Sara saves Michael by surrendering herself. False. But they reunite soon!
7. The Office: Pam and Karen become friends. True. And ew. 
8. The O.C.: Ryan and Julie Cooper meet in a hotel room for a late-night rendezvous. True. And double ew.
9. Desperate Housewives: Edie gets pregnant with Mike's baby. False. 
10. Lost: There is "another island." Should be true. There was indeed a mention of another island in the script for tonight's episode. So, since some of the scenes have been getting cut out lately (like Charlie and Claire’s kiss in the last episode), we'll see if this one is ultimately true!

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