Arsenio Hall's career as a sitcom star looks over before it's begun while Roseanne's just won't die.

ABC Entertainment President Jamie Tarses is entertaining a proposal from Roseanne's management team to turn the final episode of her nine-year-old series into a springboard to a whole new show. Roseanne would reportedly still play "Roseanne Conner" but lose her video family.

A spokeswoman for ABC says it's "much too premature" to talk about Roseanne's future. Still, the network has the denouement of the series--due to shoot Friday and air in May--under high security. Scripts sent out to ABCexecutives planning the promotion and publicity of the finale did not include the last pages. The episode is currently just titled"Untitled Final Episode."

Roseanne has plans for her immediate future: she'll portray theWicked Witch of the West in a special theatrical version of TheWizard of Oz, which will play at New York's Madison Square Garden,May 7 through June l.

Roseanne was once the network's top ratedshow and it was among the top five primetime programs for sixseasons. Recently, it has more often just registered in the topforty.

ABC pulled Arsenio from the Wednesday night schedulewithout completing its announced mid-season run of l3 episodes. One more episode will air April 9. Officially, the word is that the show could come back in the fall, if retooled.

Hall's name drew good ratings the first week, but they fell offimmediately and last week the sitcom hit 43rd. His slick personanever seemed at ease in the character of a newlywed sports announcer.

But hey, what if his character moves to Boston, opens a bar, hires Roseanne Conner as his wisecracking waitress and they attract a regular clientele of, say, a self-absorbed psychiatrist, a dense postman and a fat guy who never gets off his stool? Nah...

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