ARRAIGNMENT: Mikhail Markhasev the suspect in the Ennis Cosby murder case, pleaded innocent to murder charges today in Los Angeles. If convicted, Markhasev could face the death penalty.

SEIZURE: Sheriff's deputies are at O.J. Simpson's house today to seize personal items the court ordered him to surrender to satisfy the judgement in the civil suit.

ARREST: Actor/comedian Martin Lawrence was arrested early this morning on suspicion of battery, following a scuffle at a Hollywood-area nightclub. A man told police Lawrence punched him in the face after he bumped into the actor while dancing. Arraignment was scheduled for April 25.

TWIN SUIT: The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that The Artist is suing two former employees, twin sisters Erlene and Arlene Mojica, for going public with the story of the death of his infant son by wife Mayte Garcia-Nelson.

SUICIDE CULT: Screenwriter Rick Singer told CBS's Tom Snyder that he had been working on a script with members of the Heaven's Gate (or Higher Source) cult which committed mass suicide. The subject: life after death.

CLEAN START: Actor Ken Wahl, who's trying to overcome alcoholism and a recent arrest for threatening a bartender with a knife, is planning to marry Playboy pinup Shane--one of the Barbi twins, who's carrying his child. Wahl will soon enter court-ordered rehab.

STUDIO VS. NETWORK: DreamWorks withdrew two sitcom pilots from consideration by NBC rather than meet the network's demand for a 50 percent ownership in the shows, says the Wall Street Journal.

BIG SCREEN: Intel and Compaq computer are coming together to bring PC Theater, a new kind of living room personal computer, into homes. The idea is to make large screen PCs compatible with a number of home electronic devices. Hitachi, N-E-C Technologies, Toshiba, Philips Electronics and Mitsubishi are all involved in the technology.

PULLING BACK: Blockbuster Video is scaling back its expansion plans, due to slower business. It will open 600 outlets this year, down from 800 last year.

SEAT FEAT: USC student Candy Powell will be paying a steep price for arranging $10-per-person bleacher seats for 375 students at Monday's Oscar arrivals. Powell has been ordered by Academy officials to repay the fees she charged for each person, since Academy rules say the seats must be free of charge.

AD FAB: Entertainment Weekly has picked the 50 greatest commercials of all time. On the list: the hyper-loquacious Federal Express man from 1981, Meow Mix's singing cat from 1972 and Mikey, the Life cereal boy from 1971.

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