Bill Cosby went back to work today in New York, six days after burying his son Ennis--and dropped a hint that the extortion case may not be so simple as it first looked.

In an interview with CBS' Dan Rather, the entertainer said he was ready to start production on his sitcom for the network because "I think it's time for me to tell the people that we have to laugh...I just want the people to know--those who watch me, those who are with me--it's over for looking at me to do anything but go back to that which I am." Cosby left the set on January 16, the day that Ennis Cosby, 27, was killed.

Asked by Rather about Autumn Jackson, the 22-year-old woman who claimed to be his illegitimate daughter and is now under arrest for trying to extort money from him, Cosby popped out the surprising admission that he'd had a "rendezvous" with Jackson's mother.

"The mother told me--the woman that I had a rendezvous with--told me that I am the father...On the birth certificate, it's not my name. I had not spoken to the mother during her pregnancy nor her delivery nor some 14 months until we finally spoke...She never called me and then one day when I called her for a second rendezvous, she came and she made the announcement."

Cosby's lawyers previously said he paid educational expenses for Jackson but portrayed her as just one of many young people he'd helped. Prosecutors say that she and a partner faxed a message demanding money from Cosby and threatening to go public with her claim to be his daughter on the same day that Ennis was murdered, although there's no suspicion the two events were related.

KNBC television in Los Angeles aired an brief interview tonight with Sean Thompson, a woman the station identified as Jackson's mother. Thompson refused to name Cosby as the father. She did call him "a very nice, wonderful man." "Were you in love with him?" the reporter asked. "Isn't the whole world?" Thompson replied.

In his interview with Rather, Cosby said his wife Camille is torn up over the fact that police haven't caught the murderer. "She wants him now. She refuses to accept the fact that this 'thing' is still out there. She doesn't accept the fact that nobody comes forward to help with the truth."

(Updated at 5:10 p.m. PT.)

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