"Exclusive: Antonio Banderas Nude" says the cover of this month's Playgirl magazine over a closeup of the actor's face. By the time you get to the contents page, though, they seem to be losing confidence: "Exclusive Banderas Bare?"

Turn to the article, and you get a full page, closeup, full-frontal view of a guy whose head at least appears to belong to the Spanish actor, with this caption: "This photo was taken off the Internet. Supposedly it is Antonio Banderas. You, the reader, be the judge."

Just to cover their rumps, the editors added some tame stills of Banderas and Rebecca De Mornay in a nude scene from their 1995 film Never Talk to Strangers. So, as promised, there are indisputable nude shots of Antonio--although just what's "exclusive" here is hard to figure.

Is it real or is it Adobe Photoshop? Banderas' attorney told Daily Variety that the actor did not--and would not--pose for a nude shot. He says Banderas' reputation has been damaged and he may sue Playgirl. A spokeswoman for the magazine says the caption is the only comment the editors want to make--that they found the photo and printed it for the readers to "judge."

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