Far be it from us to draw any comparisons between Woody Harrelson and Larry Flynt--except one. Remember that scene in the movie where Harrelson as Flynt desribes himself as the perfect lawyer's client? I'm fun, I got a lot of money and I'm always in trouble, he says.

Well, Woody's docket these days includes an arrest for climbing on the Golden Gate Bridge to make a gesture in support of the redwoods and an arrest for planting hemp seeds in Kentucky to protest the lumping of that plant with marijuana on the list of controlled substances.

Today, Harrelson won a battle on the hemp front. District Judge Ralph McClanahan ruled that the state law which doesn't distinguish between hemp and one of its byproducts, marijuana, is indeed unconstitutionally broad.

But the judge still ordered Harrelson to stand trial on a misdemeanor possession charge. To get off, Harrelson will have to prove that the seeds he planted weren't capable of producing THC, the intoxicating agent in marijuana.

Harrelson owns a California company which sells clothing and other products made of imported hemp and he's argued that farmers in Kentucky ought to be able to grow the weed as a cash crop. Hemp was last used legally in the U.S. during World War Two to make rope and paper.

He has not appeared in court wearing American-flag diapers.

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