Telling jurors it's the last chance for justice, lead plaintiff attorney Daniel Petrocelliskewered O.J. Simpson's character during closing arguments of the civil trial Tuesday while carefully laying out the "trail of blood" he says leads to O.J.

The lawyer repeatedly asked jurors to recall the DNA, blood, fiber and hair, the gloves and the shoes. "These pieces of evidence are the voices of Ron and Nicole speaking to us from their graves, telling us, telling all of you, that there's a killer in this courtroom," he said, pointing to O.J.

Petrocelli was the first of three plaintiff's lawyers to summarize their case--the defense team gets its chance tomorrow--and he clearly relished the moment. He paced in front of the mostly white jury, punctuating his comments with pictures of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, both before and after their slaying on June 12, 1994.

The victims' families, who are suing Simpson for millions in damages, stifled tears as the bloody photos were displayed. O.J.--who spent much of the day scribbling notes--turned his head from the images.

In what was the climax of Petrocelli's argument, he fired off a series of questions impugning Simpson's integrity.

"What kind of man takes a baseball bat to his wife's car right in front of her and says she was not upset even though she called police for help?

"What kind of man kicks in a door and says it was just a reflex...?

"What kind of man says cheating on your wife isn't a lie?

"What kind of man when shown 30 photographs of him wearing Bruno Magli shoes says, 'That's me...that's my head...that's my, not my shoes'?

"What kind of man says that with a straight face?"

Petrocelli paused then answered himself: "A guilty man...A man with no conscience. This man is so obsessed with trying to salvage his image...that he'll come into this court and will smear the name and reputation of the mother of his children while she rests in her grave. This man has lied and lied and lied.

"There's no innocent explanation. He doesn't have one. He's guilty."

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