TOP OF THE NEWS: A woman best has filed a complaint with Los Angeles police claiming that Jack Nicholson offered to pay her $1,000 to join a menage a trois. She says that after the sex, she didn't get the money--when she complained to Nicholson, he allegedly beat her. No word from Nicholson's camp.

ON THE STAND: Host Jenny Jones took the stand today in the "Talk Show Slaying" trial and denied knowing whether one of her talk show guests had been deceived about appearing on a show about gay crushes. But she noted, "The premise of the show was that it was a surprise." Former guest Jonathan Schmitz claims he was driven to kill after Scott Amedure confronted him on the The Jenny Jones show with "whipped cream and champagne" fantasies of gay sex.

SIMPSON TRIAL: O. J. Simpson breathed hard and looked away as Tom Lange, one of the two lead detectives in the criminal investigation, showed photographs of the bodies to the civil-trial jury today. But his testimony was cut short, and the trial put on hold for the day, when an alternate juror became ill and was taken to a hospital in mid-morning. Afterwards, Fred Goldman yelled at O.J.

BOYCOTT SPREADS: USA Today says that Lois & Clark star Dean Cain plus Anthony Edwards and the rest of the cast of ER have joined George Clooney in refusing interviews from Entertainment Tonight. Clooney is punishing ET because he says its syndicator, Paramount Television, broke a promise to keep him out of its other entertainment-news show, Hard Copy.

BIG STEP: "Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)" by Los Del Rio is now one of the biggest-selling singles in history at 4 million units. But it was knocked out of the number one spot for last week by Blackstreet's "No Diggity"...Van Halen's greatest hits album debuted at the number one spot on the album charts last week.

FAMILY TRAGEDY: Sylvester Stallone told a Miami TV station that "we are trying our best to be optimistic" about his two-month-old daughter Sophia Rose, who has been diagnosed as having a hole in her heart. "Hopefully it will work out," Stallone said. A heart specialist today said the child should do fine.

FINAL CUT: Turner Entertainment made the first payment to Angelica Huston to fulfill a judgement by a French court that the company violated the "moral rights" of her deceased father John Huston by colorizing The Asphalt Jungle, the picture he directed in 1950.

ALMA MATER: The Hollywood Reporter says that Emilio Estevez's company is developing a film based on an article in Rolling Stone about the Stanford University marching band, known for its irreverent half-time shows. Once at the green-minded University of Oregon, it staged the mock killing of a spotted owl.

BULKING UP: Eddie Murphy will shoot a sequel to last summer's hit, The Nutty Professor, starting late next year. For all the casting news, see The Dotted Line.

DRINKING MAN: Seagram Co. chief executive Edgar Bronfman said that advertising liquor on radio and television allowed his company to target adults. Seagram's limited testing of broadcast ads has been criticized as a step toward inducing kids to drink.

SEEING SPOTS: Disney wants to decorate the "Hollywood" sign in Los Angeles with black spots to promote the opening of the live-action version of 101 Dalmatians but local homeowners are protesting the use of the sign (which is officialy designated a "cultural monument") for commercial purposes.

SHOCKED JOCKS: A survey of members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, which represents disc jockeys and other broadcast-industry toilers, found that 40 percent thought their working conditions had worsened in the last few years. The big worry: increasing mergers of radio stations.

RADIO RANCH: Orson Bean from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman will host a Dr. Quinn Radio Show Saturday mornings on CBS radio. It's billed as a talk show about "values" that will actually have little to do with the TV series, although star Jane Seymour will tape a regular segment.

POLITICALLY CORRECT: MTV says it has registered over 100,000 young voters in a campaign this year... ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN rejected a request from public officials in eight Western states to hold off on declaring a winner of the Presidential race until the polls close in the West on election night. With the suspense gone, Western election officials fear, many voters won't bother going to the polls.

BLUE SUEDE: Big auction today in L.A. of Elvis's costumes and jewelry, including his "Starburst Planet" jumpsuit and matching cape, valued at $60,000 to $75,000.

PLAY IT AGAIN: Band leader Paul Schaffer signed acontract extension through August 1999 for CBS' Late Show WithDavid Letterman. He's been with Letterman since the show debuted on NBC in 1982.

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