Let the games begin.

The jury is now complete in O.J. Simpson wrongful death trial, as eight people were selected as alternate jurors today. Barring any unforeseen catastrophes, opening statements in O.J. II will begin at 8:30 a.m. PT Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Simpson, in a CBS interview to be aired Wednesday, said he expected to win his civil trial and predicted "retribution" for those who had tried to convict him in the criminal case. Simpson did not elaborate on who will perform the retribution or what exactly said retribution will entail.

Lawyers for Simpson and the families of murder victims Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman picked five men and three women as alternates, while O.J. himself looked on. There are five whites, one African American, one Latino and one Asian.

The alternates will join the panel of seven women and five men (nine of them white) chosen last week to hear the case. They could replace any member of the 12-person panel in cases of ill-health or misconduct. Last time around, Judge Ito sent 10 jurors packing.

Using their allotted peremptory challenges, both sides nixed several prospective alternates from the pool today. Among those excused was a man who said he punched his wife after she attacked him with a meat cleaver and four candidates who had connections to police departments.

In an interview for CBS News Extra's O.J. in Black and White, Simpson told correspondent Bill Whitaker that "the best part about this civil case is in many ways I think I'll be vindicated and there'll be retribution."

Asked against whom there would be retribution, he said, "Members of the prosecution team and the L.A.P.D. members--not the whole offices."

The families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are suing Simpson for unspecified damages, claiming he's responsible for the slayings.

Lawyers predict the sequel trial will last four months.

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