Forget video stores. You Dilbert-reading, mouse-pushing, card-carrying computer nerds can soon pick up your favorite flicks at the local computer store on CD-ROM.

Thanks to New Line Cinema and Sirius Publishing, you'll never again have to worry about waiting in line at Blockbuster to see timeless oeuvres like New Line's Seven, The Mask and The Player.

This marriage of movies and CD-ROMs, creatively titled MovieCD, will debut November 15 with a total of 17 New Line titles, the companies announced today.

The New Line films are among 50 discs that game-maker Sirius--best known for Treasure Quest and its 5 ft. 10 PAKs--will release by Christmas. The additional MovieCDs will include music videos, cult films and cartoons. The costs of these titles will be comparable to videos, from $9.95 to $24.95.

And gone are the days of hiccuping desktop video--Sirius promises a smooth, flowing image, even in full-screen mode. What's more, the viewing window can be resized, so you can watch Jim Carrey's antics while Web surfing or word processing. The disc will be controlled by an on-screen remote.

Unlike older technolgies like CD-i and MPEG, which are dependent on specific hardware or software, Sirius claims that MovieCD will work on any of the 30 million PCs fitting the minimum requirements (486/66 processor, 8 MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive, sound card and Windows 3.1). Each CD can hold about an hour of video, meaning that most movies will be packaged in a two-disc set.

But will consumers byte? You bet, says Michael Weiss, senior vice president of marketing for Sirius. Let him count the ways: "Some people will sit in front of their computers and watch movies just because they can--business travelers can watch on their laptops...More college students have a computer in their dorms than a TV/VCR...and it's a great way to entertain kids on car rides."

Bosses beware: This may become the ultimate office time waster. "People are more prone to playing MovieCDs than playing solitaire," Weiss says.

Give us a printer that makes popcorn, and we'll never leave the office.

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