TOP OF THE NEWS: The judge hearing O.J. Simpson's plea for custody of his children adjourned the proceedings until November, leaving Sydney and Justin Simpson in the care of Nicole Simpson's parents. Meanwhile, in the civil suit, the judge ruled that Simpson must release a video shot in his home after the murders.

EERIE: MTV began airing Tupac Shakur's last music video--and it shows him being shot and killed and then entering heaven.

REBUTTAL: Director Quentin Tarantino responded to Bob Dole's criticism of Pulp Fiction as a pro-heroin film by suggesting that Dole see the movie before slamming it. A campaign official said yesterday that Dole had only read reviews of the 1994 hit.

WRAPUP: Lawyers for Clint Eastwood and Sondra Locke gave final arguments today in her suit charging that Clint wrecked her directing career.

CANNED CRANBERRIES: Despite the cancelation of their tour Tuesday, the Cranberries will still debut Apple Computer's new, live Internet audio software on September 27. Apple will broadcast a previously recorded concert and a live chat with the band.

NEW MEDIA: NBC is expanding its use of Intercast, the technology which displays a TV show on a computer monitor while also delivering Web pages over the same broadcast signal. Friday's episode of Homicide: Life on the Street will get the Intercast treatment and, on Sunday, the network begins weekly delivery of the service with one NFL game, starting with Denver vs. Kansas City.

TALENT: Robert Altman is in talks about directing a new John Grisham screenplay, The Gingerbread Man, starring Kenneth Branagh ...Star Trek's Patrick Stewart will play the villain in Mel Gibson's The Conspiracy Theory. Mel's a cabbie who accidentally stumbles on a vast conspiracy via the Internet.

REPLAY: Composer/producer Quincy Jones is shopping a new version of the '50s game show Name That Tune, which would test contestants' knowledge of rap, country and rock.

PEP TALK: Sony Pictures Entertainment President Alan Levine has been holding meetings with employees to reassure them about the future of the company--without mentioning his own future. The studio was rocked by the firing of Mark Canton, head of the Columbia Tri-Star unit, last week.

TRY AGAIN: A federal court jury in Los Angeles said that Smith-Hemion Productions should get $2.6 million as the victims of fraud in the Jackson Family Honors TV special--but wouldn't hold individual members of the Jackson clan, including Michael, liable, begging the question as to how the award could be paid. The judge sent the jury back for more deliberation.

MONUMENTS: The 1997 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees are: the Jackson Five, the Bee Gees, Parliament-Funkadelic, Joni Mitchell, Buffalo Springfield, the Rascals, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. The ceremony is May 15.

SAXLESS: The White House says that Bill Clinton will not play the saxophone publicly for the duration of the campaign due to a lack of chops because of too little practice time.

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