Britney Spears


Britney sure looks confused here in Hell-Ay with her striped-shirt pal—is this a new assistant? Another cousin using BS to score some popularity points with the press and then launch a singing career of her own?

Whoever she is, she looks utterly exhausted, and we would be too if we had to follow around B-babe all day. Girl looks like the walking dead—maybe a quick stop at a Starbucks for a skinny vanilla latte wouldn’t kill ya, tho' we aren’t sure we completely trust Brit in full view of frappuccinos.

So what’s with Brit-Brit’s puzzled expression? Is she wondering who the hell her companion is, like we are? Or is she perplexed why the paps keep following her even when she’s not throwing umbrella tantrums or running over people’s feet?

Guess the photogs have every reason to believe B’s a ticking time bomb when it comes to unannounced and unprecedented debauchery. For Brit’s sake, we hope she remains boring. But for gossip’s sake, we hope that pink wig is still somewhere in Spearsy’s closet.   

—Additional sass by Becky Bain



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