Rocknrolla, Gerard Butler

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Earlier this week, we ran a preview of the fall’s best upcoming flicks for goss, moola and gold. We put Guy Ritchie’s new one, RocknRolla, under the gossip category, which really peeved some of you, judging by your cranky-ass comments.

We screened the movie ourselves and must admit it was pretty goodRitchie’s back, who the ef knew? We were a little nerv when the film first started, though. It was hard to keep track of all the characters (trademark Guy stuff, but pretty understandable considering his wife has 14 names and twice as many personalities) while trying to figure out what the hell it was about. But 20 minutes into it we stopped trying. Had the best time! It’s basically a mob flick, but instead of arguing over drugs it’s all real estate...just in time for the world meltdown, deftly done, Mr. R.

Also, it was cast perfectly. “Guy handpicked everyone,” producer Joel Silver blabbed to us. “Everyone he wanted, he got.” Gerard Butler, Toby Kebbell, Thandie Newton included.

Which brings us to a major beef-bitch: Rock def could have had more sex. There’s about a three-sec nooky scene between Butler and Thandie. Talk about a waste of beautiful flesh. Interesting thing is Thandie dished to us how she and Butler actually filmed the scene separately. “He was sick, so I wouldn’t shoot it with him,” she laughed. Hmmm. Ironic, or just reflective of how it is in reality with the director and his missus? Just wondering.

—With additional sass by Taryn Ryder

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