Zac Efron, Entertainment Weekly cover

Oh, Zefron. So pretty on this EW cover. And inside he describes avoiding paparazzi by “always bobbing and weaving through alleyways trying to get to meetings, scouting out and looking outside doors and running around like Jason Bourne.” How is that not the cutest thing ever?

It’s no wonder that some crazed fan allegedly attacked him in London yesterday by grabbing his hair. While we can’t explain exactly why this crazed fan was a middle-aged man (Creepy McCreeperson!), we can identify with the overpowering desire to touch those perfectly shiny locks. Wow, that probably makes us a Creepy McCreeperson, too. But if that’s the consequence for declaring our Zefron love, so be it.

Anyway, enough gushing—it’s embarrassing. There's probably some Girls Next Door news we need to get to or something.

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