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And now there are seven, bringing the collective weight of the remaining America's Next Top Model contestants down by at least 30 pounds.

Find out whose award-show faux-pas picture was not in Tyra Banks' hands at the end of tonight's episode…

Unfortunately, Lauren Brie Harding didn't just turn blonder this season—she got blander, too.

Targeted for her waning personality and mannequin-like presence, the 20-year-old student from Virginia (second from right) became the latest aspiring catwalker to be eliminated from ANTM.

Tyra & Co. spotlighted Lauren "It's just me" Brie's inability to convey any emotion in recent weeks during photo shoots and, despite the fact her I've-fallen-and-I-can't-get-up Fiercy Awards pic showed a beautiful girl, the judges started attributing L.B.'s success to the hair-and-makeup guys instead.

America's Next Top Model, ANTM, Lauren Brie Harding


Almost run out of town, meanwhile, was Sheena Sakai, who's been slipping in the judges' eyes from week to week. (They obviously don't care that, so far, she's the nicest girl in the house.)

The buxom Harlem resident is a good-tempered, willing listener—and she promptly toned down the hooch appeal when Tyra asked her to—but she let her eyes get away from her tonight in her someone's-stepping-on-my-dress photo.

On a more promising note, Marjorie Conrad's nerves got the best of everyone else for a change. The wide-eyed fille won tonight's pose-off challenge—utilizing her birdlike limbs to evoke a starving French girl a more appealing Hunchback of Notre Dame—and was rewarded with an $8,700 diamond pendant from Rafinity, a prize she shared with Analeigh Tipton, who picked out a $3,200 peace sign necklace from the L.A. jeweler.

The oft terrified-looking Marjorie also kicked butt when she took to a bathroom stall to pose as an award-show attendee who had to pee but couldn't quite maneuver out of her full-length gown.

Another favorite from the photo shoot, despite not being able to zero in on a "signature pose," was Analeigh. The adorable Sacramento, Calif., native fully embodied the role of bitchy interviewer, and she finally got Paulina Porizkova to admit that the girl is model material.

Also still in the running to go abroad in two weeks, not to mention become America's Next Top Model, are Joslyn Pennywell, who recaptured some of that early-cycle magic in her someone's-wearing-my-dress photo; boxing enthusiast McKey Sullivan; runway flasher Samantha Potter; and control queen Elina Ivanova, who cried for goodness sake and still couldn't sell emotion in her film.

So, are you surprised Lauren Brie took a bow this early in the competition? Who should walk the runway plank next week? Was Tyra really known that much for her fierce stare back in the day? They walked the walk, now you talk the talk...

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