Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers—or is the pluralized version Jonai?—dining at the restaurant at The Kress in H'wood. The trifecta chowed down on coconut shrimp and mini-ice cream cones. Gosh, forgot these three were still boys who prefer desserts over after-dinner drinks. Joe, Nick and Kevin were so satisfied with their meal, they went into the kitchen to thank the chef. Such manners! Not a Disney star or country singer was in sight all night—sorry no love-line goss this time. Less fresh-faced and cheery was…

Nicky Hilton strutting down Bedford in Bev Hills Wednesday, and yes, she’s still withering away. Nic-Doll had on a supershort skirt that put her frail legs on display as she braved the Hell-Ay heat wave. An onlooker said she was so sickly skinny that her elbow was pretty much protruding from her arm. Damn, Nicky, turn the other way and pick up a Sprinkles cupcake. How come this gal’s not getting as much negative press as Nicole Richie once did? Being a good boy back north in the Valley was…

Shia LaBeouf driving around the Universal lot in Burbank in a black Toyota Sienna minivan. Mr. Mom, much? Guy should be happy enough to be driving at all after that near DUI conviction, not to mention having his hand almost flung off his arm. Let’s hope the twice-arrested dude wasn’t smoking this time; we know how Burbankians hate that nasty habit. Dude has better things to do with his saved hand anyway than use it to light up.  

—Additional sass by Becky Bain and Taryn Ryder

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