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From sara: Can I be on the soup?

From kassey105: I plan to be a celebrity one day and if my ego ever gets in my way as it is sure to do, I hope u bring me right back to earth by making crazyyy fun of me!
Sounds like a great plan, kassey. You’re not famous yet, but we can see you have the perfect combination of massive ego and false self-deprecation to make it to the top in Hollywood. And when you do, we’ll be here to make crazyyy fun of you. And guess what? We’ve already started!

From blammey: On Heroes, did somebody fart (ala Mrs. Bush) in the future right before Nathan walks in?
Yeah, and it was a doozy. Wait, did you mean on the show or during the show?

Clay Aiken, Lindsay Lohan

Patricia Schlein/WENN, Lisa O'Connor/

From Alexis: Have ever noticed that Clay Aiken looks remarkably like a butch Lindsay Lohan?
Actually, we’ve never thought Clay Aiken looked like a butch anything.

From flowers: Can you send in videos of something that you may think that someone might think is funny also?
Of course you can send in videos you think someone might like to think that others will think are funny and can be sent in to watch by people who think they’ll like it. In fact, we encourage it.

From Is michael jackson realy gay or straight? im just gees hes both
Who cares? He’s got talent!

From xaeniegirl: Why do you keep making fun of Tyra? I know she has an abnormal forehead, but c'mon she's a nice girl and respected by all. Another question is, how can Tyra weigh 200 lbs? She's superskinny and you should make fun of her for that.
We keep making fun of Tyra because we’re jealous of her forehead. We were born with standard foreheads, thus making it impossible for us to ever enter the competitive world of top modeling. As to her astonishing 200-pound weight, while she does look “superskinny,” she’s well over 7 feet tall. 

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