Sherri Shepherd

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I read that Sherri Shepherd, who once wondered out loud if the world was flat, has had a ton of abortions. Why do stars share all this? TMI!
—Micki, New Jersey

Shepherd was spilling to a Christian women's magazine. You can't appear in one of those without sharing your life-affirming account of Jesus lifting you from the ashes. Shepherd's involved abusive relationships and, she says, "more abortions than I would like to count."

And, oh: The revelation certainly hasn't hurt the woman's profile, has it?

"Of all the people on The View, nobody pays attention to her," notes celebrity therapist Gilda Carle. "We know that Whoopi and Joy are outspoken, and we know all about crying Elizabeth. But now Sherri wants people to pay attention to her."

Now you pay attention to me, as I answer more of your Burning Q's!

Are the judges on all these daytime court shows for real, and are the rulings for real as well?

Yes, and yes. For most court shows, the participants must sign documents accepting the judges' decisions as legally binding.

Why does every "celeb" and their baby's daddy launch a clothing line and/or perfume? So played out.

Stop it. You're making Victoria Beckham cry. And if she actually had tear ducts, that would make quite a sad picture.

In a movie's opening credits, what are the differences among "a ___ film," "a ___ production" and "in association with ____"?
—Jennifer, Decatur, Ga.

The first phrase credits the director. The second credits a producer or production house. The third usually refers to a production company that participated somehow without actually filming the flick.

Do you like watching Ali Lohan on Living Lohan?

Well, that just about wraps it up for me! Did I mention I've written a new game for Facebook? Check it out!

Got a question about Hollywood? ASK IT!

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