David Duchovny

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

You've heard about the statement of course, the one that was so economically stated by bad-boy David Duchovny's attorney, Larry Stein, right? "David has successfully completed his rehabilitation, he is out of rehab and will be starting a movie soon," the perky attorney piped, with no further elaboration. None. Zero. Zilch.

How interesting, as most addicts I know (and, doll, as I'm a booze and nicotine one myself, I know plenty, trust), require legions of therapy/coaching/major life readjustments once a short rehab stint is completed. In other words, Duchovny's been screwing around for a considerable amount of time, in many meanings of the verb.

It'll take a helluva lot more than a month of group therapy to go back to dealing with the debauched Tinseltown life and all the temptations that accompany being a handsome, sexy star.

So, I asked. Called up the legal dude. Any private therapy planned for the David? Regular shrink visits? Sex 12-step recovering programs to embark on? 'Cause I'm told by those who are superclose to D2, he be a pretty tough nooky nut to crack, should you catch my mattress meaning. Couldn't get through to Stein. But his assistant spoke for him. She said, very lawyer-like, "The statement is accurate. He completed rehab. If there is further rehab planned, Mr. Stein will let you know." Silence since. Why am I not surprised?

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