Rocknrolla, Gerard Butler

Warner Bros. Pictures

"I don't think I'm a sex symbol at all."

So said Gerard Butler at the Rocknrolla premiere in Hell-Ay last night, nixing the notion of his stud status. Lotsa ladies are sure to disagree with him, but hey, his words, not ours.

On the potential fornication front, Mr. B refused to confirm he's doing just that with one Jen Aniston (maybe that's because there's never really anything substantial going on there...just a thought). Yeah, we hardly considered Ger-hon, big tits notwithstanding, all that much of a catch, espesh after eavesdropping on G.B. attempting—and failing—to hit on a H'wood stargazer with some pathetic pickup lines. Maybe he's better when he sticks to being eye candy?

Another denial by Butler? The idea that he ever even romanced Jen to begin with. Dude wants to make it perfectly clear that he never swooned the star. Too bad for Jenny—even with Ger's unfortunate lack of game when it comes to charmin' the gals, guy's still a step up from John Mayer. So is a vibrator. The Rabbit would never talk to TMZ behind your back, that's for sure.

—Additional sass by Taryn Ryder and Becky Bain

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