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Marc Cherry, the man behind the women of ABC's Desperate Housewives, just revealed some shocking news: Fairview will catch fire during November sweeps—and some won't survive the blaze.

Marc spilled: "It's one of the biggest special-effects episodes we've ever done, actually more difficult than the tornado."

What causes the fire, and which Wisteria Lane favorites may be in danger?

Neal McDonough

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The Garage Band Gets a Gig: This Sunday, you will meet Wisteria Lane's newest garage band, created by Dave Williams (Neal McDonough) in order to get chummy with the other guys, and later in the season, that band plays a pivotal role in the fire disaster.

Marc said: "We have a huge episode that we just started shooting where all my regulars go to see a garage band from the neighborhood play in a nightclub. The nightclub gets set on fire. It's connected to the mystery, and it's going to be a huge episode."

Let me get this straight: Dave is in the band, the band is playing at the nightclub, the nightclub gets set on fire and it's all a part of the big mystery? I'm guessing Dave brings everyone together so he can kill whomever he's after while making it look like an accident. Do you have another theory of the crime? Post in the comments.

Dana Delany

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Who's in Trouble? Marc said, "It's Wisteria Lane, everyone's lives are always in danger." Dana Delany dished: "We end the episode with someone not making it out of the fire." Is that someone a man or a woman? "I think there might be one of each actually. The script keeps changing, so I'm not quite sure where it stands now." Tell me it isn't somebody we know and love?! "I can't say." Aaah!

Who do you think is in danger? Hit the comments section with your guesses, and check back tomorrow for Desperate Housewives set visit vids with Neal McDonough, Felicity Huffman and the hot twins Max and Charlie Carver.

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