All My Sons Playbill


Just got back from New Yawk. The husband, Jon Powell, was in a musical, Fancy Boys Follies, with hilarious Jim J. Bullock. Both men were fab, but then, I'm married to one of 'em, so guess that's sorta like Tom Cruise going on and on about how sensational Katie Holmes is in Arthur Miller's All My Sons. Yeah, right.

Well, guess what? She is good. Very good.

It's really stupefying stuff, too, 'cause for the past year or two, it's been looking like Kate's going the way of Mad Money, after hooking up with Cruise, and further from the more formidable material from her career prior, Pieces of April, for instance. Well, she's back. The talented Katie, that is, as a complex and most fetching girlfriend to hunky Patrick Wilson. Dianne Wiest is divine, but that's like a boring statement, really, she's always so genius. No, it was Holmes' role to prove, really, and she did. And those folks teaming outside waiting for her autograph were rabid for her, not Tom. The anti-Scientologist screamers seem to have given up? Damn shame, such added drama!

But look. Think this calamitous, barricade-requiring showdown outside the Schoenfeld on Broadway would have occurred had Holmes not married Cruise? No way. K.H. was smart. She knew exactly what she was doing, just like her predecessor, Nicole Kidman, did. Kidman's a fab talent, to be sure, but would she had ever ended up where she landed had not she not been Tommy's No. 2? Unlikely.

It's all in the moment, and Holmes saw how best to grab it, for sure. Sadly, and ironically, Nic even showed up to show her support (or revenge, perhaps?) by looking so utterly gorgeous it hurt: on the back of the show's Playbill, in an ad for Chanel No. 5.

Half the audience was tittering about this not so subtle stab, intended or not? Doesn't matter. All anyone could talk about was how N.K. doesn't look anything like the ad these days, really. And there was Katie up onstage, looking real, accessible, womanly—she's too thin, to be sure, but she's got the curves down—and damn close to brilliant, too. Score one for the Third Wives' Club, for sure.

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