Suri Cruise

Why don't Katie and Tom cut Suri's bangs an appropriate length so she can actually see where she is going?
Trish, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Now, now. There are always celebrity children who are worse off. At least Suri didn't get a Gwen Stefani  boy sprout, or, in the case of Kate Hudson's son, Ryder, a Gregg Allman.

Yes, Suri's bangs may seem a bit long. But then again, you must realize that Suri is not of our world, and not just because her parents believe there are dead alien souls living in our spleens. There's also a very good chance we've caught Suri in between hairstyles. Let me explain...

See, celebrity children live a rarified existence, surrounded by an average of three nannies, nurseries that cost thousands of dollars and so much free clothing that they will never, ever be able to throw up on all of it. Suri really doesn't need to see where she is going—she has helpers available to carry her at all times, or guide her with a cloud-soft hand, or drive her to the Scientology Celebrity Centre if she needs a "repair rundown."

Now, listen to April Weiss. Weiss runs Spa Di Da, a fancy kids salon whose clientele includes the tiny daughters of Denise Richards and Kimora Lee Simmons. Spa Di Da supplies plenty of those Suri-style, long-banged kiddie bobs. But they grow out like crazy, Weiss says, and getting a 2-year-old back in the barber chair can take time that celebrity moms don't want to give up.

"It's a classic, cute haircut for a girl, extra popular," Weiss tells me. "You saw it on Dakota Fanning when she was littler. But it grows out very fast on a toddler, faster than you're going to have time to take them to get it trimmed.

"We adults may be able to pop in for a bang trim, but a child is not going to sit like that," Weiss explains. "That's a half hour, at least, where you have to calm them down, work them into the chair."

The other possibility: Suri is simply having her bangs grown out, just like grownup fashionistas right now. And all of her nannies forgot to bring the rubber bands.

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