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Miley's dad was quoted at her party saying it was really hard to surprise her. How can you keep such a big party a secret from a star, especially when she has so many friends who could tell her?
—Erica, Fort Collins, Colo.

You don't. Miley knew all about the party, because she helped announce it back in August. And just in case she later forgot the precious details—that there was going to be a purple carpet and purple cupcakes—Disney had that covered, too. Every aspect of the blowout, including what the guests "ate" and how they "celebrated like rock stars," was released to the media...two days early!

So Miley can see into the future now, too? Well...

Forty-eight hours before Cyrus even arrived at Disneyland to celebrate her Sweet 16, publicists issued a blow-by-blow "recap" of nearly every moment of the party, including the fact that dad Billy Ray "took to the stage" to sing and that the 5,000 guests "celebrated like rock stars" and later "gathered" to sing "Happy Birthday" to the guest of honor.

"One special moment in the evening," the Friday press release revealed, "came when Disney CEO Bob Iger presented a $1 million check on behalf of Disney Parks to one of Miley's favorite charities."

How they knew that moment would be so special remains a mystery. Chalk it up to Disney magic, I guess.

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