Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images for MTV

Looks like our original deep-dish digging on the giant Justin Bobby drama brewing behind the scenes of The Hills has sparked some sanctimonious sass from the parties involved. Audrina had no comment on her blog about the sitch, just calling it "confusing and hurtful"—and we all know that no denial is the same as an admission. You were better off lying, hon.

So funny, isn't it, that L.C. had the gall to publicly blog back to Audrina that she would "never hurt a friend like that," while simultaneously badmouthing Aud's sorta-BF over and over? If A.P. cared enough to be stabbed in the back by some rumored hookup, Laur, doncha think she'd be equally miffed by you unabashedly badmouthing J. Bobby? What tact.

So why would the ew-inducing man in question, on Laur's behalf anyway, supposedly confess to such a snog session? Just to ef with Aud, L.C. and the media? So Spencer of him. Why don't the three of them just book a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel together and just suss this whole sordid affair out straight? Just don't forget the video camera.

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