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Good morning, TV fans! A copy of tonight's episode Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles just fell into my lap, and since it was full of answers to some of your burning Q's about the show, I thought I'd knock out a few A's:

Katie in London: Is Cameron secretly evil?!

Cameron is definitely sneaking around in a suspicious manner. In tonight's episode, there's a firefight between John, Derek and a T-888 from the future, and Cameron doesn't lift one cyborgian finger to help...

Bryn in Vancouver: I love me some Terminator! Any scoop, oh pretty please? Any scoop would do, but I was also wondering if you know whether most or all of the high school storylines are being abandoned.
Well, tonight's episode takes place in a high school...It's just not John's high school. A terminator is looking for someone named Martin Bottrell, and John and Derek go undercover as a student and instructor, respectively, at a military school to protect young Martin from Skynet. I know you guys are loving Brian Austin Green in this show, and for the record, he totally kills (pun intended) in the scenes where Derek explains the true nature of war to overeager young cadets.

Cibele from Brasília, Brazil: Will something happen between Sarah and Derek on Terminator?
I ran that idea by Green at the recent Golden Apple event for Terminator and he insisted that Derek and Sarah are going to stay platonic. For that matter, Sarah is downright hostile to Derek in tonight's episode. I see what you're seeing, but I don't think Sarah and Derek will actually get romantic any time soon.

Michael in Palm Beach, Fla.: I adore the Shirley Manson/Catherine Weaver character on Terminator! Is she going to be metallic again any time soon?
Yes, we'll see the mercurial version of Weaver again tonight, and she'll use her powers for evil (just the way we like it). How does she do her bad deed tonight? Well, remember how Sil from the Species movies went around murdering men she made out with who didn't live up to her expectations? It's something like that.

And now a question or two for you guys: How do you feel about season two of TSSC? Too slow? Too bleak? Or just too awesome? Post your take in the comments, and be sure to tune in to "Goodbye to All That" when it airs tonight at 8 on Fox!

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