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Good news! FX just confirmed that it's ordering a 13-episode second season of badass biker drama Sons of Anarchy. Easily one of the fall's best new series, the show comes from Shield scribe Kurt Sutter and follows the exploits of an outlaw motorcycle club in Northern California.

But this post comes with more than good news about season two episodes. I recently talked to the very sweet Charlie Hunnam, and he spilled everything you need to know about the rest of season one, including what's in store for the love triangle and Jax himself...

Jay Karnes

Prashant Gupta

Jax & Tara & Agent Kohn: Sam Crow is about to be in some very hot federal water now that Agent Scott Kohn (Jay Karnes) has found Tara in Charming and learned her very favoritest ex-boyfriend is a gun-running gang member.

According to Charlie, "Kohn was definitely part of Tara's life in the past, and he is a guy she is finished with, but he's not really taking no for an answer. Over the course of a couple of episodes it becomes more and more evident that she has this secret, and once the secret unravels, I decide that maybe I should intervene a little bit. It gets pretty spicy between us."

Maggie Siff

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So does Tara explicitly ask Jax for help? "I do it of my own accord, but she definitely—consciously or, more likely, subconsciously—creates an environment where I kind of have to help her. And that's definitely a story point between us that throws a small spanner in the works in terms of potential to get back together." For her part, Maggie Siff told me at the Emmys, "Tara would never consciously wish harm on anyone." And the ol' subconscious wins again!

Drea de Matteo

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Jax & Wendy: So, how the hell did Wendy (Drea de Matteo) get pregnant anyway? The first scene in the pilot is Jax buying condoms! According to Charlie, "I get confused with what actually is told in the show and what I created for myself, but my theory on it is that she didn't want to split up—that I had broken up with her—and she got pregnant on purpose." That shameless little tart!

Jax to the Future: According to Charlie, "In episode seven, there's a real turning point. Jax decides he's no longer going to sit passively with his reservations about the trajectory of the club. Episode seven kicks it all off. Jax begins to assert himself and take control of the club, which then causes a giant, giant, giant amount of conflict. The way I see it, Jax is very studied. He thinks and he thinks and he thinks, and then he reacts massively."

Ryan Hurst


(Bonus good news: This means more of Ryan Hurst's Opie. According to Charlie, "Opie is the one person in the club I can talk to about my reservations, because he has reservations, too. In the episodes in the middle of the season, we've actually had a lot of really exciting stuff to do together." Hijacking fuel trucks, for example.)

Now, I know there's still much debate about this show (including some dispute here at WWK HQ). Total snooze or totally awesome? Post your verdict in the comments, along with your cheers or jeers about the season-two news! And if you haven't seen it yet, you can catch all-new eps of Sons of Anarchy on FX every Wednesday at 10 p.m. through Nov. 26.

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