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He's finally here...Alexander Skarsgård made his vampiric debut as Eric on the latest episode of HBO's True Blood. And apparently, as our email inbox indicates, some of you are a teensy bit excited (shall we say, giddy?) about this hot new addition.

So we caught up with Alex himself to bask in the general gorgeousness and get answers to a few of your burning questions about Sookie's (Anna Paquin) new 1,000-year-old friend...

Marilee in Detroit: I loved, loved, loved Alexander Skarsgård in Generation Kill. Can you tell me more about his part on True Blood?
According to Alexander himself: "Eric is the sheriff of Louisiana. That means he's the oldest vampire there, and he's the boss of all the vampires, including Bill (Stephen Moyer). Eric's also a businessman—he runs a club in Shreveport called Fangtasia, and he makes a lot of money by inviting tourists to his club. They get to drink and watch live vampires, and he gets to take their money."

Beatrix Kiddo in Sacramento, Calif.: Gah! I am obsessed with Sookie and Bill on True Blood, but someone told me that Eric and Sookie get involved!
I can tell you that there is a spark between Eric and Sookie in Alan Ball's version of the story. According to Alex: "I think when Eric meets Sookie, there is something about her that catches his attention—there's something different about her. He can sense it, but he doesn't know what it is. He wants her to come back and then when he finds out she's telepathic, he realizes that's something he can use to his advantage because she's with Bill and he's Bill's boss, so he can basically tell Bill, bring her over." Mmmm...I smell a long-running love triangle. Sorry, Kiddo.

Sarah in Buffalo, N.Y.: Any scoop on True Blood? I am obsessed!
Pretty sure that Eric is going to put Sookie to work. According to Alex: "Let's say something gets stolen from Fangtasia—money stolen from the bar or something like that—Sookie can read minds, and that might help..." Psychic detectives are very popular on TV these days.

Now, how are you guys liking True Blood so far? Fabulously funky or too funky to be fun? Duke it out in the comments.

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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