Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson


• Samantha Ronson reveals the secret to her bikini bod: Except for occasionally "sprinting through airports to catch flights" there are no gym visits. "All the credit goes to Mom and Dad and their genes!"

When Heidi and Spencer aren't busy coming up with the most obnoxious ways to pose with tacos, they're giving out cryptic gossip about AudrinaHeidi said, "She is going through a lot, I just wish her and her health all the best," and Spencer said, ""Something big is wrong, but it is up to her as to whether she wants to go public with it." WTF? Is it related to this?

Queen Latifah is going to join in on the SNL Sarah Palin fun this Saturday as debate moderator Gwen Ifill.

Sometimes we kinda feel sorry for Brooke Hogan.

Poor Beyoncé has to be surrounded by five bodyguards at the beach. It must suck to be such a famous diva.

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