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We're finally beyond the flak of summer movies, and just over the hump of September dreck—it's finally time in movie land for all the big guns to come out. We have the audacity—the nerve!—to peek into the future to pick which flicks are gonna be the most successful, but we're not just talkin' money-wise. Here are our bets for which fall films are gonna rake in the dough, which are gonna sweep the Oscars and which are gonna be covered with gossip...just like your large popcorn will be covered with butter flavoring. Dee-lish.

Biggest Box Office

High School Musical 3: Senior Year: It's as popular with young audiences as Harry Potter but without the magic. Or subtlety.

Twilight: Surprise, surprise, another teen-favored flick based on the popular book series about vampires. This one's for all the goth 'n' emo kids out there who can't stand the cheerful cheesiness of HSM.

Quantum of Solace: Only James Bond could beat tween-centered fall treats, since the franchise's main fan base is grown men with spy fantasies (and grown women with spy fetishes).

Most Awards

Milk: Historical drama with a gay slant. Count this as retribution for that Brokeback Mountain slight back in '06.

Revolutionary Road: Despite the title not being Titanic 2, we think this fab Kate-and-Leo reunion will spark enough buzz to roll them both into the Kodak's carpet without anyone seeing anything but the damn trailer.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: At this point, Cate Blanchett prolly has it written into her contract that she be given Oscar nominations. And Brad Pitt playing an old man to a baby, or a baby to an old man or whatever the ef is going on in this movie, is one more addition to the risk-taking roles he's been taking recently. His baby mama, on the other hand...

Best Gossip

Changeling: Sure to be A Mighty Heart 2, meaning Angie's lips will eclipse any sort of brava performance she'll prolly give. This babe can't fully disappear into a role even when it's CGI.

Rocknrolla: Anybody know what this is even about? Except that Madonna's husband is directing it? Thought not. Sorry, Guy, you reap what you marry. Expect the peak of your movie's reviews to come at the premiere, focused on what Madge is wearing, if she even shows up.

Valkyrie: Tom Cruise's remarkably good press on Tropic Thunder may come to a screeching halt—or not. But we'll be there either way. Mostly 'cause we're madly curious just to see how hilarious a pic with Hitler in it can get. Aren't you?

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