Survior: Gabon, Randy Baily, Crystal Cox

Monty Brinton/CBS ©2008

The game was on in Gabon. The two tribes yanked each other around, pin-up model Sugar went it alone and Jeff Probst offered a shocking twist: Math would be required.

How calculating were the castaways? Read on for the details...

After some grumbling around the Fang camp about rice rations, the action really got under way with the first challenge: A single castaway was forced to clasp tightly to a post while two members of the opposing tribe tried to pull their quarry off. Fang won and sent Sugar into exile where, after some fumbling she found inner peace and the immunity idol, the latter of which would later thrill Kota mastermind Ace.

Then the slip and slide challenge, in which castaways gathered clues which were transformed into a math problem. Kota physics teacher Bob went up against Fang professional gamer Ken and in a blow to bespectacled academics everywhere, gaming took the day. Fang won again.

After some whispery wrangling, Ace angled to keep his Survivor-pimp hand strong, in a bid to boot out Paloma. But his spunky prey tried to sway the others to boot Ace who smugly brought nothing to tribal council, assured that Sugar's idol and adoration would save his manipulative butt.

And he was right: But finally it was Paloma's torch that was extinguished.

Love it? Hate it? What did you think of tonight's episode?

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