Welcome to lovely Wisteria Lane, where fortunes, waistlines and friendships change as regularly as the seasons. The latest installment of Desperate Housewives, airing this Sunday at 9 on ABC, features a deeper look into how the ladies' lives have changed since five years ago.

Play the vid above to get a glimpse of Gaby's (Eva Longoria Parker) current social status (hint: low), and then read on for a spoiler bonus about where her desperation will take her. Plus, get three more sneak peeks of Sunday's ep:

Spoiler Bonus: Poor Gaby is on the outs, but that won't stop her from going to the party. Sneaking your blind husband through the kitchen isn't hard, right?

Spoiler Bonus: Bree Van De Kamp (Marcia Cross)—wait, Hodge—whatever that lady likes to call herself—and Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) may be officially back together, but things are definitely not all smiles between them. In fact, by the end of the episode Bree will be in tears.

Spoiler Bonus: Bree goes on a radio show to promote her new book and broadcasts to the world that her husband is dead. Orson isn't kicking the bucket yet, but their marriage might be dying a slow death.

Spoiler Bonus: Ex-husband and the new lover meet half naked on the front lawn. Would be a disaster in some cases, but no worries for Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher): Mike (James Denton) and Jackson (Gale H-A-R-O-L-D) become fast friends, so much so that Mike actually spills some details on how to get Susan hot in bed!

You Gale Harold fans happy with his appearances so far? Are you enjoying the great leap forward? Post your take on this season of Desperate Housewives in the comments, and be sure to tune in Sunday night!

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