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I hear Kanye's HBO show is in trouble. Are people finally getting tired of his egomaniacal behavior? Is he the next Diddy, a rapper known for antics rather than music?
—Carlton, Edison, N.J.

Not likely. Yes, Kanye West is his own Jesus, Lord and Savior. He made his fans wait for hours at the Bonnaroo festival. He threw a tantrum after last year's VMAs. The poor folks who work for him probably entertain suicide fantasies while their boss blogs about lighting fixtures and mulls new ways to enrage 50 Cent. But Kanye is also one of the biggest, most respected names in hip-hop.

"Love Lockdown" is tied for the second-highest chart debut of 2008, and his Glow in the Dark concert tour was seen as one of the highlights of 2008—and of his career so far.

But is Kanye having trouble expanding his empire into television? Maybe...

For those not in the loop: West has partnered with Curb Your Enthusiasm producer Larry Charles to create a new Larry David-type show for HBO. At least, he had. Charles recently did an interview with ComingSoon, in which he speaks of the show in the past tense.

"It was really good, but...I think it was too hard-core for HBO," says Charles, who also directed the Borat movie. "HBO doesn't have a good track record when it comes to black shows, and I felt like that may have had something to do with it also...it seems to be on the shelf right now."

When I contacted HBO this morning, a rep told me the network doesn't comment on shows "still in development." Take that as you will.

Whatever happens with the show, it probably will have nothing to do with West's massive personality. Apparently, it's one of his biggest assets with fans.

"His honesty and penchant for tantrums are actually very appealing to his fans," says Maura Johnston, editor of pop music blog Idolator.com. "It's a weird thing. He's put himself out there so much that it has actually endeared fans to him."

No wonder I'm so popular, too.

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