Holly Madison

Greg Tidwell, PacificCoastNews.com

While Hugh Hefner 'fessed he and the girls were "in transition," it looks as though (former) No. 1 Bunny Holly Madison is doing just dude-dandy during this limbo period. Holly, who is supposedly still Hef's main gal, was gallivanting around Hell Ay like she was finally ready to let her hare down.

Excuse us for that one, but it was necessary, really. Oh, and Ms. H wasn't too discrete, either, which is also necessary to state. Ms. Madison hit up hot spot Coco DeVille Tuesday night (after dinner next door with The Hills kids), and she was clearly on the prowl. She was dressed way down in jeans and a white, three-quarter-length, button-up casual top; however, her expensive peroxided coif was a dead give away. She looked pretty sloshed, splayed out sloppily in one of the booths. Might as well have had a sign declaring Open for Gossip-Column Business Here.

While Holl-hon actually had mucho admirers, she hardly noticed 'em 'cause she was too busy lockin' lips with a mystery twentysomething dude. Maybe that's eightysomething in Bunny years? Also reminds us, hasn't Kendra Wilkinson spoken out that although Hef gets "sad," he is never alone and has some other GFs in the wings? Maybe Holly was kicked to the curb Tues so she wouldn't cock block as the original Playboy entertained other honeys in the house?

It's really too bad. If these four can't make it who can?

—Additional Sass by Taryn Ryder

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