Paris Hilton, Benji Madden

Michael Tran/Getty Images

Hung out at the premiere of Pare-poo's new MTV show Paris Hilton's My New BFF at LAX nightclub in Hell-Ay, same place the lucky-to-be-alive DJ AM's known to scratch at. He wasn't in the house, obvs, but all other Paris accoutrements were in attendance. Sister Nicky, lookin' svelte but not emaciated, and her boyf, David Katzenberg, hung near the back, smoking, trying to actually watch the show while all the partygoers around them continued yapping and imbibing.

P.H. and her man-mate, Benji Madden, also not-so-discretely snuck near the back exit for a puff, using her bod-goon as cover—smoking's def something Pare clearly doesn't want all her young fans seeing her do. Sex tapes, apparently, are fine, but cigarettes? Never.

While Pare was back posin' for the press, B.M. looked all types of bored. Like a husband holding his wife's purse while she tries on clothes in a mall dressing room for hours. You could so tell this was not his scene, despite being a semirock star and all.

Feelin' bad for the dude, we chatted with him not about his famous female half, but about, shock, his band! Guy's eyes lit up at the mere mention of Good Charlotte. Guess most convos with Benj nowadays don't revolve around music, go fig. He gave us some deets on a GC remix album due out in November, and we wondered how crazy this Paris-centered lifestyle must be for him.

Benny-boy laughed back, "I have the easy job, man! I just sit back and chill." Just the way she likes ya, we're sure. Dude's smart not even to try to steal the spotlight away from Miss Hilton.

—With additional sass by Becky Bain

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