Jennifer Aniston

I wanna know if Jennifer Aniston smokes. I've read she does, but I haven't seen one single picture of her smoking. Thanks for your answer, B!tch!
Vanesa, Argentina

E!'s own Matt Donnelly, better known as my B!tchling, says he saw her smoking within the past month—in Miami, to be specific. So there. Make your peace with this scorching fact and enjoy still more of my answers to your Burning Qs!

Hey! I heard Vanessa Hudgens is pregnant with Zac Efron's baby! Is that true?
— Bonello

Nope. The rumor is, as Hudgens' rep tells me, "totally false"?

So if Katie Holmes is doing well on Broadway, what does that mean? Is Hollywood suddenly going to start throwing Oscar-winning movie roles and multimillion-dollar paychecks at her?
Jennifer N., Colorado

Not if history is any indication. Julia Roberts won her Oscar before her disastrous Broadway debut in '06, playing opposite Paul Rudd in Three Days of Rain. Her profile has only gone down since then. Unless you were one of the three people who stood in line to see Charlie Wilson's War. Hugh Jackman, Laura Linney, Jennifer Garner and Liam Neeson have all made time to tread the boards in recent years, and their respect ratios have neither risen nor plummeted. And technically, Holmes has already fetched multimillion-dollar paychecks, or at least million-dollar ones. She reportedly earned $1 million each for Abandon, in 2002, and Batman Begins in '05.

You write a great column, really, but when you think about the number of stars that are gay, and not out, I think you could give the Clay Aikens and Lance Basses of the world at least a small huzzah. Anyway, love you, love the column, love everything.
— Max

Fine. (Huzzah.)

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