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Have you guys been watching Privileged? Well, if not, you should start tonight, because if Privileged gets picked up by the CW for a full season, show runner and bride-to-be Rina Mimoun promised to give me her diamond engagement ring! And let me tell you, I've seen it in person and it is gorgeous.

(Wait, you don't think she was kidding, do you? Hmmm...)

Regardless, Privileged is an adorable show, and based on the contents of my mailbag, many of you are already fans. Emails have been pouring in since the premiere to say that Privileged is "so cute!" and "the fluffy delight of the new fall season," and even that "it's the first show that has come close to filling the gaping hole left behind when Gilmore Girls left us." Strong praise, indeed.

If you want to know what's yet to come and why to watch, I've got the dish directly from Rina and leading lady (and fellow bride-to-be) Joanna Garcia...

90210…ish? To be sure, Privileged shares more DNA with Gossip Girl than it does with its lead-in, 90210Privileged and G.G. both emphasize a rarefied atmosphere and high-camp comedy—but Privileged and 90210 do share one thing for sure: mall tour! Remember when the original 90210 went on tour and caused riots at shopping centers around the country? I hope to see the same level of fandemonium from you all when Rina and Joanna go on the road. Says Rina about their tag-team guerilla-publicity efforts: "It's hard with the competition, but Joanna and I are ready to make mall appearances in the Midwest. We've got a great duet of 'I've Got You, Babe' in our back pocket."

Casting Call: If you like to look at pretty stuff, the ladies of Privileged are all adorable. The twins Rose and Sage (Ashley Newbrough and Lucy Hale) are a madcap twosome; Joanna Garcia is endearing, without ever being cloying or annoying, as the twins' tutor; and Anne Archer is her glamourous, exceptional self as Laurel, the matriarch of the clan.

And the guest-star roster is pretty hot as well. In coming weeks, look for a parade of noteworthy visitors. Says Rina of the guest-star slate: "We have Lauren Conrad making an appearance, Kathy Najimy playing Rose and Sage's fabulous New York City publicist, and Sarah Drew (Everwood) playing Megan's best friend from Yale. I'm looking to the universe—or bloggers—to tell me who they think Megan's mom should be!" Help a girl out in the comments, won't you?

Why to Watch: According to Rina, in the coming weeks Megan uncovers a secret of Laurel's that "threatens her already tenuous relationship with her granddaughters," one of the twins gets roofied at their own pool party, and the twins hire a publicist to try and get famous. But besides tantalizing story twists, truly, why should you watch? Well, Joanna tells me, "There is no amount of money that can buy the feeling I have when someone sees the show and says they love it, because that's my heart and Rina's heart up there on the screen."

OK, OK, twist my arm. I'll let Rina keep her ring. Seriously, people, how can you resist these women?

Free of charge, no payola involved, I'm sayin' right now that I'd love for you guys to take a look at Privileged when it airs tonight on the CW at 9. If you adored Everwood or Gilmore Girls, you'll feel totally at home, and maybe even laugh out loud.

In the meantime, read that quote again from Joanna about "no amount of money," and if you've seen the show, comment below...

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