Shia LaBeouf

While Shia LaBeouf remains felony-free for his part in July's hand-mangling car crash, prosecutors have managed to pull some blame from the literal wreckage.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office today filed charges against the two people who hit LaBeouf's pickup truck, and who allegedly played musical chairs with their story.

Herbert Simon, 22, and Kimberly Bent, 21, were each slapped with misdemeanors for allegedly giving police false information. Per the D.A.'s office, Bent initially told police that she was the one behind the wheel at the time of the headline-grabbing smash, but officials believe that Simon was actually the one driving.

In August, Simon was cited for a vehicular infraction for running a red light, not because prosecutors were certain he was in the driver's seat, but because the car was registered in his name.

It's unclear why the duo apparently gave police the switcheroo story.

It is clear, however, that Bent and Simon will be the only ones to face charges as a result of the July 27 incident.

No arraignment date has been set for the pair.

Although reigning box-office champ LaBeouf was initially cited for misdemeanor driving under the influence, the count was dropped last week when prosecutors announced that there was "insufficient evidence" to go forward with the case.

The 22-year-old star may still have his license suspended, though the hearing to determine whether he will be adding a chauffeur to his list of expenses, originally scheduled to take place last Friday, has been postponed.

Authorities claim that LaBeouf, presumably in the scant few moments between the actual accident and being placed on a gurney and driven by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, refused to take a blood-alcohol test after the crash, an infraction that typically results in a one-year suspension of one's license.

His lawyer is arguing the claim. A ruling is expected within the next two weeks.

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