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We headed over to the piss-ass 'hood of Bel-Air yesterday to checkout the Yes! On Prop 2 fundraiser hosted by newlyweds Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Prop 2, 'course, is a measure that will end cruel and inhumane treatment of animals by putting a stop to cramming critters into cages so small they can't even turn around or lie down.

"If someone actually took the time to educate themselves and look at the footage of what those cages look like...Their excrement is just dropping on top of chickens below," preached a concerned E. "Let's say you don't care about animals, but you care about health. You would never ever eat anything like that if you saw the footage. Take the time to look at how those chickens are raised and see for yourself if that's healthy to put in your body."

My, how far the babe's come since Iggygate! And, of course, she's right. It really is big-time gross, so we urge any of you Cali resident's to check out the footage and vote yes come November.

Another issue that hits close to home for the couple is Prop 8—the one that's trying to overturn the gay marriage ruling. Surely this is something you're fighting, too, girls?

"Yes, we're fighting! It's yes on [prop] 2; no on 8...We're working on something that will be very cool if it happens...something big right now," Ellen gabbed, trying not to give it all away. "We gave our pictures to People magazine not because we wanted to share our personal life with everybody. We gave them, we didn't sell them, to represent love. We wanted to put a face out there...We want the same rights that everybody else wants. This is who we are, this is what you're trying to stop from happening."

Sweet, yeah, whatever.

Thoughts on new faces, Clay Aiken and Lindsay Lohan coming out? "I think everybody does it in their own time. Whatever makes them feel comfortable. I just know, for me, living your truth is the best way you can live."

So how is living the married life? An elegant Pee, who had been silent until now with her arm around Ellen, turned to us giving that gorge smile with a hint of mystery and simply uttered, "It's just fantastic." Have to agree, on several diff levels.

—Additional sass by Taryn Ryder

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