John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, David Denman

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Note to Jim Halpert: Keep your dukes up and your eyes on your girl!

Sources close to The Office tell me exclusively that there are plans to bring back David Denman, aka Roy, aka Pam's ex-fiancée, in the first six episodes of the new season.

But why? Is he coming back to try and win back Pam (Jenna Fischer)? Would the writers really do that after she just got engaged to Jim (John Krasinski)? 

Here's what insiders are telling me...

No! According to my spies, Roy has not returned to court Pam. (Can I get a hallelujah, my Office-loving brethren?)

Still, it's not all roses and sunshine and wedding plans...

Word is, somewhere around the fifth episode of the season, Jim and Darryl will meet up with Roy at a bar (as usual, to avoid some hijinks cooked up by Michael), and the meeting is fairly benign (no punching this time). However, it could still spell trouble for Jim and Pam. I'm told Roy throws out a zinger that makes Jim worry about Pam being away at art school and whether any of her new guy friends could steal her away (just as he did to Roy).

But Jim and Pam trust each other, right? And it'll all be OK, right? Let's share some affirmations, group hugs and wedding-gift ideas below...

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