Gossip Girl is sooo delicious, no? Waiting a whole week for a new installment of life with our favorite Upper East Siders is just plain hard. Thank goodness for sneak peeks to tide us over!

In Monday's ep, "The Serena Also Rises" (hee), Serena (Blake Lively) is becoming a big-deal socialite, which means Blair is no longer the unquestioned Queen of all she surveys. Ruh-roh.

Press play above to see Chuck (Ed Westwick)and Blair (Leighton Meester) go at it (no! not like that!), and then drop inside for three more previews of the all-new Gossip Girl ep premiering on the CW on Monday night at 8.

Oooh. Blair  is angry...you wouldn't like her when she's angry, but since Serena is a tough target to tackle, it looks like Jenny (Taylor Momsen) will be taking the brunt of Blair's wrath for now. By the way, notice how much responsibility Eleanor Waldorf is giving Little J? That's a hint about the general direction of Jenny's storyline this season. (Seventh Avenue or bust!)

Remember when I told you a few weeks back that Dan (Penn Badgley) was going to create a fictional Chuck rip-off named Charlie Trout? It all begins in  "The Serena Also Rises" when Dan practically begs Chuck to take him out on the town...

For a split second Dan thinks he's really in Chuck's inner circle...isn't that cute? (Also, Chuck, sweetie, don't you need all the friends you can get? Perhaps better not to steal the shoes of the few people who want to spend time with you?)

There's an all-new Gossip Girl this Monday night at 8 on the CW, as well as the season-premiere of Chuck over on NBC, also at 8, so set your dual-tuner TiVo for a superduper Josh Schwartz double feature!

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