In what is now being characterized by officials as one of the greatest miscommunication-based tragedies in recent history, the terrifying Japanese flying reptile Rodan has not only fired his agents at CAA Tokyo but leveled a significant area of the city.

“It appears that, due to translation errors, Rodan believed that the American film Nights in Rodanthe was to be a starring vehicle for him,” stated a CAA rep from the burning rubble of Tokyo. “When he saw the trailer with Richard Gere, he just kind of flipped out.”

The flying monster's rampage has been described by witnesses as “worse than when he used his atomic breath against Mechagodzilla,” in 1993. After laying waste to much of the Japanese city, the veteran showbiz monster attacked the CAA office, savagely clawing apart the structure with his talons and devouring dozens of agents, an act that a local news source described as, “luckily, not a big deal. I mean, they're agents. There's lots of them.”

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