Pineapple Express

Dale Robinette/Columbia Pictures

The most memorable line in Pineapple Express was muttered by Saul (James Franco) "It’s like killing a unicorn, but with a bomb!" Or did he say 'bong'?  Either would have been appropriate for the stoner-action-comedy.

The film kind of got off to a slow start but I have to say it was hilarious-the perfect follow up to Knocked Up for Seth Rogen. Seth plays Dale, a pot-head process server who hits up Saul every few days for some weed. Their professional relationship turns personal when the two suddenly become fugitives from the police and what seems to be the biggest dealer in their city. Goons are hot on their trail, but leave it too a couple of high dudes to out-wit even the best hit men.

The film has everything you could ever want in an action-comedy; great one-liners, a car chase, tons of fight sequences and a lot of guns and blood.  People even die!  Bet you never thought that you'd see murder in a Seth Rogen film.  James Franco is the most convincing stoner I have ever seen on the big screen. And although he's a grimy slob, he still manages to steal my heart. He's a charming dealer that makes you wish the guy you called up for your next stash was as much of a heartthrob—with or without pajama pants. 

Seth and James have the best on-screen chemistry I've seen in a long time. It makes me wonder, why did it take so long to reunite them on-screen?  And why did it take just as long for Franco to return to the genre where he shines the brightest? Comedy is where it's at for this actor.

Coming to theatres August 8.

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