Forget the Leave Britney Alone video show a while back, prepare yourselves for Sarah Palin's tush takedown! Did you see footage of her 1984 Alaskan beauty contest, complete with Palin's jiggly bottom being strutted up above spiky heels, all for slobbering judges and salmon-stabbing audience members to moon over? Très perfect!

But don't click above—it won't work. YouTube took the clip down secs after offering up this marvelous delicacy, saying something really annoying about copyrights. Whose? It's clearly taken from some old, beat-up VHS tape. Is some old queen who shellacked hair at the pageant asking for bucks, or something? (Tip: The Huffington Post has screengrabs.)

The hunt is on for the moose-hunt mama herself, circa the Vaselined-bottom years, love it! And you think you know how to shake and shimmy it, Cindy McCain? Not even. Your moves are a booby bridge to nowhere, by comparison.

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