Tyra Banks

Scott Gries/Getty Images

I love America's Next Top Model as much as the next big-haired bitch. Tons o' vicarious fun, especially Tyra's get-in-yo-face tell-offs. Who does it better? Nobody.

But don't give me that merde about how Isis' transgender sexuality had nothing to do with her dismissal, Missy Banks. What a load of diarrheic crap. You, among many viewers, have complained that Isis doesn't own it enough, which I suppose is on the true side. You also don't like her height, that much is evident (as you always shy away from the shorter girls). But the point is, T.B., you have a history of having on Top the quirky girl just so you can use 'n' abuse her later on. A nearly blind candidate in the past comes to immediate mind, really great stuff for an aspiring catwalker, huh?

Point is, babe, I know tons of leggy, toughass, gorgeous, fierce trannys who would have been razorass hot for the competition. They're not hard to find—even Janice Dickinson has mined that faux femme field successfully. You clearly chose one who was going to fail just for the circus-viewer aspect, and that, my dear, is a very anti-gay thing to do. Shame on you, you talk-show harpy who never let's her "guests" utter one word. Loser!

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