Barack Obama, Sarah Palin

Joseph Connoly/Getty Images; Paul Fenton / Zuma Press

I have a friend whose mom is mucho connected and active in Alaskan politics—my kinda politics, i.e. Democratic ones.

In other words, this gal believes in women's reproductive rights, books of higher and sometimes dangerous learning, that sorta thing. She knows of Sarah Palin and has always questioned her intentions. But recently she met the notorious Republican vice-presidential candidate. She was very charmed, my pal's mom, so much so, the lefty political type is considering inviting Palin to her next fundraiser, though her family and colleagues are insisting that she does not—what a heretical thought, they're busy screaming!

On second thought, why not invite the bespectacled broad? Let her get fried alive by the Alaskan ranters who certainly exist (contrary to so much media coverage of the state's red types) and do not agree with the babe's politics. Oh, and to those legions of Awful Truth detractors who are so busy saying I'm so busy ignoring Obama's shortcomings? Fine, I detest his stance on same-sex marriage (he's against it, actually), among other issues.

But, darlings, if we're all too picky, we won't have any candidates left at all. Not a good thing.

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