Clay Aiken

Bruce Glikas / Getty Images

This is when I am so tempted to agree with my colleagues like Perez Hilton and Michael Musto, who are all about outing obviously gay stars—or at least their very public prancing ‘round. What makes me possibly consider lamenting not subscribing to such journalistic tactics would be the recent People press release regarding Clay Aiken proclaiming, yes, he’s gay.

Let’s see, that’s about as newsworthy as when Nathan Lane finally came out, or when Ellen DeGeneres or Anne Heche or Liberace did, oh wait, that last one’s still in the closet (posthumously, I suppose), and the one right before went right back in, so whatever.

Point is, even though, yes, technically speaking, I don’t believe in outing, and it’s the star’s prerogative to disclose his or her homosexuality, not mine, we’re not stupid. And it’s really insulting to continue to be treated as such—which is what folks are doing when they say they’re dating members of the opposite sex, when they’re privately diddling ones of their own. And then to get some kind of royal welcoming for doing something most folks already knew about all along? It’s disingenuous at best, unethical at worst. Who’s next, Kevin...?

Oh wait, I don’t out people, so never mind.

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