Joel McHale, Mail Nurse

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From Brett: You guys should have a place where we can send in our thoughts and ideas for the show. Im a huge fan and theres always some hilarious s--t I watch at my house and could picture it being on the soup but when i watch the show it doesnt get mentioned.
Hey, Brett! Man, we’re sorry we haven’t been using the s--t you see at your at house (and it is hilarious, bro—totally effin’ hilarious!), but it just hasn’t fit the show. Though that thing with the bong and the corn cob the other night was rad. As for a place to send thoughts and ideas, just keep thinking ’em dude. We love watching that stuff through your brain.

From Elise: i am really interested in acting and I don't know where to start. I don't really watch your show cuze i'm so busy, but do you know of any people that would be willing to help me make it in hollywood?
We love to give acting tips to people who are too busy to watch the show, Elise, so let’s get started: Large, fake breasts really highlight a thespian's chops. Also, hand puppets are a great way to break into “the Business” (that’s what insiders call it, FYI). Try staging shows for the elderly, who pretty much run Tinsel Town. (More insider jargon!) Also, having sex with producers is a time-honored way to launch a career. Break a leg! 

Joel McHale, Max Headroom

Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images; ABC

From deharlan: Is it just me, or has anyone else noted striking similarities between Joel McHale and Max Headroom? Similar hair and clothes, head posturing, vocal intonation, and so forth?
The Headroom-McHale phenomenon is actually simply explained. Like Headroom, the “Joel” character is a highly sophisticated, animatronic artificial intelligence entity. Developed by E! laboratories, it can be programmed for TV hosting, live comedy appearances and film work, much like the earlier “Greg Kinnear” model. Despite the disappointing failures of the “John Henson” and “Aisha Tyler” A.I. experiments, the McHale module may well be the most successful of the franchise.    

From jnanders: So I was at Joel's show tonight at the Grove in Anaheim (with the really drunk ladies.. ahem!) that got kicked out... and Topanga from Boy Meets World was sitting right behind us. THATS HUGE! TOPANGA WATCHES THE SOUP!!
Sure, huge, no problem. Now did you see where the drunk ladies went?

From eseymore: Besides having a creepy flesh colored beard, does anyone else think Spencer Pratt looks like Mickey Rooney?
While The Hills star Spencer may well have oddly flesh-toned, pube-like facial growth that gives him the appearance of a jaundiced yard gnome, no one would confuse him with dwarfish, 122-year-old film legend Rooney. Sorry.

From nikkimed: i love you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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