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So now...Everything has changed.

Tonight's mind-splitting season premiere of Heroes unveiled what is perhaps the show's most stunning revelation to date: The deep, dark secret that Sylar (Zachary Quinto) is actually the son of a rainbow-colored Leprechan!

Okay, so that wasn't it at all, but we don't dare breathe another word until we make sure you've already seen tonight's new Heroes episode before reading any further.

Read on for exclusive cast reactions and scoop on what lies ahead...


Sylar Is a Freaking PETRELLI! Holy Jesus what?!

Yes, tonight's season three premiere of Heroes was indeed truly shocktastic, with loads of twists and surprises and laughs along the way, but none compared to the final moments of the two-hour episode, in which Mama Petrelli told Sylar (Zachary Quinto) that she is his biological mother. That's what we call a doozie 'round here, y'all.

Paging Peter and Nathan: You Have A Brother from the Same Mother. So what do (uber-tight BFFs in real life) Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar think of their new sociopathic sibling? They tell me exclusively:

Milo Ventimiglia

NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Milo: "Somebody asked us [how we felt about the idea] at the same time, and we were in the room together. We just kind of turned and looked at each other and said, 'Well, there's not really room.' We both had the same thought, the same words, and we love Zach, and we love the idea of the character and everything, but there just wasn't room between the two of us!"

Adrian Pasdar

NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Adrian: "We were thinking, 'There's no room in the womb! No room at the inn!' But finally we said, 'Zach, we love you and we'll take you in.' "

Milo: "So, we'll show him the ropes."

Adrian: "We'll show him what it's like to be a Petrelli, to have grown up a Petrelli. And by the way, you think you know but you don't know the full story. I can't really get into that."

No, please, will you get into it? I really want to know!

What Does Mommy Say? I also checked in with new series regular Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli), who tells me of the maternal surprise: "I didn't know until I read the script. Although, actually, Zach Quinto guessed it!" Clever boy. She adds: "The twist is just so creepy, and it brings so many new elements to the story. She's been a busy, busy woman."


Ando Is Evil! How else would you explain that scene from the future where Hiro's BFF and right-hand man went all Elle on Hiro and killed him with a blue bolt of electricity? Honestly, how would you? I'd love an explanation in the comments below from any and all theorists!

Mohinder Is a Monster! At least, we've seen the beginning of what looks to become a very scaley, creepy crawly version of the kind, gentle scholar we once knew. Am I the only one who's a little creeped out by Monsterhinder? I miss my handsome professor!

Sylar Doesn't Eat the Brains. A shame, really. I always pictured him with a big ol' bib from Red Lobster, a knife and fork and a side of ranch. Now that image is totally blown. Still, the line of the night had to be: "Claire, that's disgusting."

Claire's Brain Is "Not Like the Others." And according to Sylar, she "can never die." And now, neither can he. And so because Peter also absorbed Claire's power, I'm assuming we now have three Petrellis who are immortal?

Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia, Heroes 3.01: The Second Coming

NBC Photo: Adam Taylor


Claire's Heading for Mommy Dearest: Claire's going to be dead set on a mission to fight back after her Sylar encounter. And guess who's going to teach her? Biomom! Yes, as you've seen, Jessica Gilsig (Meredith) is back in the next episode, and it turns out she knows a thing or two about combat. (Perhaps Claire would feel less violated if she knew that was her only her uncle engaging in a little friendly brain-picking? Yeah, probably not.)

Ali Larter Will Be Called "The Ice Queen." She will be bitchy, she will be lethal and she will be promptly hopping in the sack with Nathan Petrelli for some decidedly un-chilly action.

It Won't Be All Roses and Sunshine for Peter and Sylar: "We do have a couple of scuffles," Milo teases of what's ahead for his character and his new bro.

Cristine Rose

NBC/ Mitchell Haaseth

Angela Petrelli Has to be Evil. When asked if Angela's good or bad, Cristine offers this glimpse of what's ahead: "As of this volume, none of that applies. It's all up in the air. Nothing is as it seems. You will totally surprised by everything, on every level. It's all about good and evil and all of us walking that strange line between good and evil and who is going to going to fall into the good category?and who is going to fall into the bad, and really stay there. It's a balancing act through the entire Volume, and it's so good."

And oh yeah, and...

More Petrellis Will Be Revealed. Guesses? No, not Hiro or Ando...

What did you think of tonight's premiere and the Sylar twist? Join me in the comments below..,

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